The Ultimate Production Music To-Do Checklist: A To-Do Spreadsheet for Getting the Most out of Each and Every Song You Finish

A Google Sheets and Notion template for getting organized and keeping track of what is or should be done with each song you produce.

• 1 min read
by Damjan Prvulović

The Importance of a To-Do Checklist

As a production music composer, there are many tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure that your music is licensed or heard by as many people as possible. Without a to-do checklist, it’s easy to forget important steps, leading to delays or missed opportunities.

The Ultimate New Music To-Do Checklist

I’ve created a to-do spreadsheet template that you can use to stay organized and to keep track of to which libraries you’ve uploaded each track. Further, there are areas for PRO, Content ID, SoundCloud, Social Media, and so on to keep track of your registration and/or upload status of every track.

Using the To-Do Spreadsheet

Simply duplicate the spreadsheet or Notion template to your account, and start checking things off as you complete them.

This template should not represent a perfect template nor should it suggest that you have to do everything mentioned in the template. The template is intended to be customized to your needs.